Cash 4 Clothes! “The child who concentrates is immensely happy.” Maria Montessori

We feel it is our responsibility as adults and as a business to share what we have learned with the younger generation, in the hope that this will inspire innovation and instill a passion for recycling and sustainability.

When schools fundraise we help to provide the tools needed to facilitate a successful event. We give advice, ideas and help with planning and facilitation. We also provide the communication tools to help promote the fundraising initiative such as leaflets and stickers. After the event, we collect the donated goods and pay the school directly, or we extend the fundraising event by providing a collection bin which we fully service and clean.

School competitions can be exciting for the students and they really encourage imagination and artistry. We like them so much that we sponsor them, giving prizes such as having the recycling bins covered in the winning artwork, or awarding eco-printed organic totes, T-shirts, and hoodies.

We can do lots to help so please contact us about your event.

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