Cash 4 Clothes! We give you euros for your unwanted clothing, and that's not all...

We are a fully licensed unwanted clothing, shoes, and accessories recycling service based in Cork, Ireland. As a for-profit organization, we give cash for your clothes in our stores in Blackpool and Togher. We promote partners and also donate to charitable causes, we assist schools in raising student’s awareness of environmental issues while fundraising and run door-to-door collection services.

Everything we do is with the mission to create less waste, wisely. More than a hundred million tonnes of unwanted clothing, shoes, and accessories make their way to incinerators and landfill here in Ireland each year. We’ve made it our business to think sustainably, act responsibly and become the leader in fashion recycling here in Ireland.

  • Blackpool
  • Togher

Unit 19 Millfield Industrial Estate,
Blackpool, Cork, Ireland

Unit 19 Millfield Industrial Estate,
Blackpool, Cork, Ireland


Our charitable partners of choice are the  Greater Chernobyl Cause and
My Canine Companion.

We believe in supporting local and Irish charities.

What We Pay Cash For

Paired Shoes and Trainers
Kids Toys
Mobile Phones
***We only accept clean, dry and reusable items***

Why Recycle?

There are many reasons to recycle your used clothing, shoes, belts, handbags, kids toys and mobile phones, but the primary reason is to lesson the harmful impact it has on our environment here in Ireland. And we’ll give you cash for them...

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